Ollie the Ghost Crab

The very talented, creative crab that loves to explore the world around him. Ollie loves to make new friends and is always helpful. His creative ways helps make the stories interesting.


Gilbert the Seagull

In the beginning of the series Gilbert is portrayed as a bad guy. He picked Ollie up to be eaten.  However as time goes on he's not so much. 


Parker the Raccoon

Another nocturnal friend who also in the beginning of the series was seen as being a villain. He was knocking over waste containers in search of some food. Only to find Ollie.  really has such a loving way and will be seen again. 


Roger the Snail

This old timer is an explorer himself. Helpful and very knowledgable as he slowly makes his way around the world. Roger makes friends with Ollie in the first book and helps to  guide him in the right direction.


Bingo the Gray Squirrel

This witty Squirrel who loves to talk and has an answer for everything. Seen in the park gathering nuts. Has lots of friends and helps Ollie in his adventure.



A 7 year old boy who visits his Grandparents over the Summer. He finds Ollie and returns him back to the ocean.



Grandfather of Wyatt who lives near the beach. Loves spending time with his grandchildren and loves walks on the beach.


Olivia the Ghost Crab

Sweet and very smart always finds Ollie to be the most interesting. Has told Ollie how much she really loves him yet.

The fast friend on the sand! Dunlin the Sandpiper keeps Ollie and his friends informed.

Dunlin the Sandpiper

The fast friend on the sand! Dunlin the Sandpiper keeps Ollie and his friends informed.


Shelby the Sea Turtle

Shelby the Sea Turtle is one of Ollies oldest  friends. She has been visiting the shores since Ollie was a small crab. Each year she returns to lay her eggs and always stops to visit with Ollie.


Hazel the Sea Turtle

Hazel is a new hatching from Shelby. She is a very sweet and very smart loggerhead sea turtle.  Hazel meets Ollie and Olivia trying to make her way to the ocean.